Computer its advantages essay

It is very simple to handle the computer as its functioning is so common that a child can handle it. During the World War II it was used to locate and estimate the direction and speed of weapons of the enemies. The computer is an invention which has changed the ways of thinking of a man.

Old generations of the computer were less effective with less functions but new generations of it are amazing with high capacity, easy to handle and more functions.

Large businesses store their marketing and sales data in their computer systems. Future generations of the computer would be more effective and lots of functioning. Directly, it has been strengthened the trouble of the existent estate Fieldss because the related administrative content and concern process have been changed with it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

While, from Burrough definition, GIS was a powerful set of tools to roll up, shop, retrieve at will, altering or transforming and exposing spacial informations from the existent universe.

They use a computer to hack the data of company and credit card numbers of the people and misuse them. It removes the data as soon as the system is switched off.

Therefore, these constituents will be coordinated so that allows the system to work swimmingly. It is able to do work of many human beings alone within less time.

A big advantage of computer is save times and effort and reduces the overall cost to complete a particular task. It makes businesses more efficient in meeting customer needs and handling business planning. By providing the facility of data storage it has lessen the paper works in the governmental and non-governmental offices or colleges.

It is very safe and easy for the business transactions purposes through banks to any accounts. Main disadvantages of the computer uses are increase unemployment in societies. Many people using computer for negative purpose.

In the interim, it is shown that existent estate developers need GIS as a database direction tool to help them in making the determination devising.

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Group work question number five: Modern automated technologies are able not only to store and retrieve previous decisions from the database, but also prioritize and anticipate coming decisions, as well as even roughly estimate their possible consequences.

It is very simple data based machine. Computer and Its Benefits Computer is an electronic device made by Charles Babage, to solve arithmetic & logical operations. It is one of the very important instrument of our life.5/5. · Essay on Computer and its Advantages and Disadvantages 8 Oct What is a computer?

A computer is an electronic device that receives and Essay on The Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer. An essay on advantages and disadvantages of computers Course. Writing essay about computer.

Gallery Advantages and disadvantages of computer and internet essay. About computer essay. More Collections. Our life has become centered around computers The computer manufacturing processes and computer waste are polluting the environment.

The wasted parts of computer can release dangerous toxic materials. Green computer is a method to reduce the electricity consumed and environmental waste generated when using a The Advantages and Disadvantages of Ever Increasing Computer Technology Information technology in the business world: its advantages and disadvantages Advantages of Computer – Essay, Speech, Article Different tasks can be easily performed with the help of computers.

Computers can perform long calculations just in a fraction of seconds.

Computer its advantages essay
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